We feel serene and content not only by being in a space that is calm and peaceful, but also when the energy in a space and outside the space is properly flowing and not blocked. Feng-shui is essentially about correct energy flow. All elements need to flow freely and circulate. If there is good flow in your body, relationships, and home, then you feel good and have more of an opportunity to prosper in your life. In this post, I would like to center on how and why Feng-shui is applied to affect the energy flow in your home and spaces.
Feng-shui is viable for all lifesyles, ages and economic conditions. It can be used in towns and cities as well as in the country and suburbs. Even though many people practice a generalized version today, the authentic school of feng-shui derives from the ancient Taoist tradition. Feng-shui centers on Chi. Chi is breath and energy. Chi has three phases: sheng, si and sha. Sheng pervails when the spaces and environment are healthy, fresh, and bright and beautiful. Si exists when the spaces are cluttered, unkempt, dark and dilapidated. Sha takes over when the occupants are angry and the place feels strange and extremely run down or dangerous. Clutter, the types and age of furnishings, the arrangement of furniture, corners, colors, light (or the absence there of), smells and sounds, all affect the chi.

Feng- shui also incoporates the use of the five elements. The different elements in the environment will affect the Chi and visa-versa. Chi has five elements or moods; water, wood, fire, earth and metal. It is best to have a balance of the elements in a space. In addition, the consideration of Yin and Yang and how it relates to the individual, the property and the space cannot be under-estimated.

I will touch more on the different aspects of feng-shui and how it is incorporated in future posts. Remember to be conscious of your energy and the energy flow around you for a more radiant life. Your spaces will gain from it. If you would like help in arranging your space for best energy flow, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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