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I live in the amazing area of Southwestern Colorado where the desert meets the foothills which lie at the base of the majestic San Juan Mountains.

I have always been talented with color and have a remarkable sense of style. I love to arrange for best use of space and energy flow which I call “Energy Decorating”.

This, along with a soothing decor, beautiful artwork, stimulating music, lively plants, fountains, sculpture, wind chimes, candles and incense all contribute to a “Serene Home”.

I am unique in the area in providing a full range of services including organizing and space clearing.

Please contact me anytime for reasonable consultations!

I am available to do both consultations and hourly work for Redesign, Rearranging, Staging, “Energy Decorating”/Feng-shui,
Organizing and Space Clearing. I also provide House Healing services.

My services fees are geared to various kinds of clientele.             

I accept all major credit cards in person and over the phone.

You can contact me at:  (970) 769-5436 or email at:


Diana Donnelly of Serene Home

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