Space Clearing

Negative energy in a space can be the result of clutter, high EMF’s, negative emotions, scattered thoughts, disputes, excess threats, sickness, and recent passings. Also, if the last owners or inhabitants of a dwelling experienced an illness, financial loss or divorce, the energy from this can be passed on to the next inhabitants. In addition, if there are visits from anyone with negativity or present stress or illness in the family, the space should be cleansed.

If you are moving out or plan on having your home on the market, it would be beneficial to cleanse periodically. In addition, if you are moving into a new place, even though it may initially feel OK, you don’t know what really transpired with the previous occupants. So, the space should be cleansed in this instance also. Remember, energy can especially settle and stagnate in closets, walls, ceilings, furniture, objects and carpets.

Old energies can surrround used items and antiques that have been recently bought, so keep in mind, cleansing can be used on individual items also. Be careful if purchasing items from thrift stores and garage sales.

Other times to cleanse would be: after you remove clutter, after an argument, or anytime you just want some fresh energy in the house. It is also a good idea to cleanse before starting feng shui techniques on a room.

If you would like help in space clearing and cleansing, or if you are just too emotionally involved or cannot feel where you might have stagnant or negative energy in your home, then contact me, for this is one of my services.

You can call me, Diana, at:  (970) 565-7764 or (970) 769-5436. If you live long distance, and would like some tips for a very reasonable fee: call 1-855-565-7764.

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