When the energy or chi of a house is obstructed due to clutter, the energy, health, prosperity of the members of the household can be affected. Clutter creates stagnant energy. If you cannot move thru your home without being obstructed by clutter, the life force cannot flow properly either. This stoppage will indirectly affect your life. It can affect your emotional life, your mental state, and eventually your physical well-being.

When clutter is found throughout the home, the element Earth is affected, which when found in large amounts, relates to the tendency to worry but to not follow through with decisions. Clutter is also related to instincts of self-protection and hoarding, and in general, feelings of insecurity. Clutter is a way of self-sabotaging on a subconscious level. . We often inherit clutter habits from our families, especially if a family has been thru hard times or a hard economic period. Also, one person in the household may have trouble with cluttering, which in turn, can affect the other persons in the home. In addition, many households these days, do not have enough storage space to put the items that they still can keep but don’t have the room.

There are several main reasons to keep clutter; “just in case”, “past associations”, and “guilt”.  Some feel a need for security by keeping an abundance of things around them. Others, have sentimental attachments to items that were given or gotten during certain relationships. Others feel like they cannot throw away certain gifts that relatives,  loved- ones or friends got them out of committment.

There are different kinds of clutter; common clutter, symbolic clutter, energy clutter, and emotional clutter. Common clutter is anything unneccessary to have. Things that are unused or messy. Symbolic clutter are items that can indirectly affect your emotions that you don’t need anymore. These can be old and dark art work, broken items, projects never finished, and negative and old or unused clothing, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. Energy clutter can involve what would be to some – nice items. However, to the owner, they are pieces that are not their style or taste that they got as a gift. Also, photos of people that you no longer wish to interact with are an example of this. Mental and emotional clutter involve draining relationships and unresolved issues and tasks that keep on being put off. These will indirectly and eventually turn into physical clutter.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Set a goal and liberate yourself, one step at a time. Set an actual time on a certain day to work on the clutter. Open the windows, weather depending. Play music that you like and drink lots of fluids. Have snacks available and have someone help you. Plan on doing something enjoyable afterwards. Just make that committment and once some clutter is removed, you will have more energy to work on the rest. Ask the most important decluttering questions; Do I love it still?, Do I need it?, Do I use it? Does it evoke a positive or negative response from me?

It’s important to clean the space before and after decluttering. There should be certain boxes labeled for trash, recycle, donate, filing, etc. It doesn’t help to just take items out of one room and put in the next. All rooms and items can affect the energy flow and the feel of the house or space. The items that are kept may need to have new storage containers, shelves or baskets. Don’t forget under the bed, closets, refrigerators, and garages. If the task becomes too overwhelming, get extra help.

After decluttering, it is also important to do a space-cleansing. Space clearing and cleansing can help remove the thoughts and energy that has built up around the objects and space.     Now, take a deep breath,-doesn’t it feel great!

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