How to have a Serene Home

Seeking and establishing a peaceful home has been prevalent throughout different ages and cultures. We all want homes to be beacons in the storm and places where we can un-wind, relax, and regenerate for our busy lives. These home sanctuaries should also be places where much love exists and where we have “fond” memories.

Homes feel and look best when they have; moderate temperatures, have good lighting, are non-cluttered, have serene colors, natural materials, interesting textures, pleasant aromas and peaceful sounds.

They are most inspiring when they are surrounded by nature as well as when nature is brought into the space.

Good energy is usually prevalent when there are plants, flowers, good light, and a great view. The best arrangement of furniture and furnishings for the person and the space will greatly enhance the energy flow.  A space that is peaceful and that has good energy vibrations will contribute to the happiness of the inhabitants.  This, in turn, can contribute to the prosperity of the dwellers of the home, apartment, or office as well.  For more information on how to contribute to having a “serene home”, just click on Feng Shui and auspicious energy decorating or Decluttering or Space Clearing to the right.

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