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Serene Home is here for all of your Home Needs!


There’s a reason you have arrived at my website. I specialize in creating a truly peaceful and inviting space for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

I can make any home into a relaxing retreat.

I provide services in; decluttering, organizing, rearranging, “energy decorating” (including Feng shui), staging, and space clearing.

A home should definitely look good, however, it should feel good also. A home can be nicely decorated, but still look cold and uninviting. Likewise, a home can be cozy with lots of family memories, but has become cluttered and stagnant with piles and piles of stuff.

Either way, there is help around the corner.  Just click on the -Feel free to contact me- link above, and you will be glad you did.

I will be offering added services starting in the Spring as per request from my clients, so get updated by reading my posts.

I also offer senior discounts and other specials through out the year!

Don’t hesitate to click on the page links for some thought provoking articles and posts.


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